Apple Expected to Report First Profit Fall in a Decade


Apple to report first profit fall


Recording impressive profits since 2003 Apple has always been a sure thing to deliver good results when publishing their market results, however it looks like this trend is about to end.


According to analysts, Apple is expected to report falling profits for the first time in ten years with a decline in net income of 18%. Revenue growth is expected to come in at 8% which is the slowest growth rate from Apple since 2009.


These figures are reportedly because components are becoming more expensive and Apple has released lower priced devices such as the iPad Mini which has impacted the profit margins. iPhone sales also look to be weakening with an estimated figure of 25 million units sold compared to 35 million in the previous quarter.


The iPhone 5 is still selling well as fans of the brand remain loyal; however it failed to deliver significant changes to the previous model which could account for the lessening appeal.


Further trouble could be expected in future reports from Apple as analysts believe the iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone could be delayed by a couple of months.


This may sound like all doom and gloom for Apple, but the profits expected from the company are still expected to exceed tech giants such as Microsoft or Google so it is in no way the end of the story for them.


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