Apple confirms it will repair iPhone 6 Plus camera fault for free


The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has been flying off the shelves and has been generally well received by Apple fans, apart from one thing. It appears there is a fault on some of the iPhone 6 Plus handsets that relates to the camera and Apple has now confirmed it will repair the faulty cameras for those affected.


Apple iPhone 6 Plus review


Apple iPhone 6 Plus Camera fault


The big Apple iPhone 6 Plus delivered lots of great features to get excited about, however it seems a number of the handsets sold have come up with a fault. The camera lens appears to be the problem delivering blurry photos no matter how much you fiddle with the settings.

iPhone 6 Plus Camera repair


Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera


The company has now implemented a iSight camera replacement program for the iPhone 6 Plus so if you are one of the unlucky ones to have a faulty camera you can now get it fixed.


Apple stated that only a “small percentage” of the models have the faulty camera lens component, and these fall within a certain serial number range. If you think your iPhone 6 Plus is one of the faulty models you can simply go onto the iPhone 6 Plus camera repair¬†section on their website¬†and enter your serial number to check.


You will have the option, once the serial number check confirms your phone is faulty, to either send your device to Apple or take it into an Apple store to get the camera repaired.


Even with this reported fault, and an Apple acknowledgment of it, the iPhone 6 Plus is still proving popular among Apple fans.


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