Apple Compatible Meta Watch Coming Soon


The iOS Meta watch is close to launch and this companion to your iPhone will fire updates to your wrist letting you know when you receive messages or calls.


This isn’t designed to be a phone watch it will simply work alongside your phone and as it’s an iOS device it could potentially work with your iPad too.


So if you constantly check your phone for notifications this could be the accessory for you, and as the API has been opened up to developers you can expect more functionality to come.


The watch uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone and delivers the messages to the 96 x 96 pixel display and there are six programmable buttons, vibrating motor and light sensor as well as a three-axis accelerometer.


The watch will be available in the US later this month with no firm details on when we can expect it here in the UK – the US price is $199 so it could be a bit pricey for some.


The future of the Metawatch, according to the developers website, will see Android compatible watches too so it’s not only iPhone users that can enjoy one of these.


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