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With an unpredictable climate and a nationwide passion for football in the UK it is no surprise that sporting fans want to compliment attending live sporting events with viewing them on TV when visiting a stadium isn’t possible.


But, with an explosion of TV channels on both terrestrial and satellite TV it sin’t necessarily easy to never miss a match or even find which TV channel is covering the event.


From Sky Sports to ESPN and from Freeview to BT Sport, we clearly live in a world where following your favourite football team can be a confusing challenge and with the commencement of the Football Premier League, now is the time to tackle this conundrum! download


There is a solution however for smartphone users and the app is one such example.


Football on TV


Forget the TV guide, which let’s face it cannot possibly cover every TV channel available in the UK, and instead download this free sports app that will be available to you everywhere you go.


Download app
Visit’s website to find football on TV


The download is just 18.9 MB so it will not consume large parts of your precious memory and is available for Apple devices that run on iOS 5.0 or later. This means that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners are catered for. app

I personally love the user interface that has been generated by the Where’s the Match team which ticks my boxes for a clean and uncluttered view.


The familiar menu icon sits at the top of each page to make navigation easy and below this you can see a calender view of matches in a chronological order.


From here you can view which TV or satellite channel is covering the event and set-up an alarm to alert you before Barclay’s Premier League matches begin.


You can however narrow down the field by setting up ‘My Teams’ and this information can then be used by the app to show you just the upcoming games of the teams you follow.


Barclays Premier League


You can then switch the view between football games today, games being played on a particular day over the next week or see all upcoming fixtures over the next 7 or 31 days.


It is also possible to set-up email alerts to remind you when one of your teams is playing to ensure you never miss match again. You can even set these alerts to remind for up to 7 days before kick-off.


The mobile phone app can also direct you to relevant sites from which you can stream live football games on your Apple device.

Live sports on TV


The scope of the Where’s the Match app does not end its functionality though with TV listings for the Barclay’s Premiere League, Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League and Capital One Cup.


The app is set-up to display TV listings for the Rugby Union, Rugby League and Cricket so fans of multiple sports can enhance their overall engagement with the app.


Written by: Michael Brown

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