App of the Week – Wunderlist

Wunderlist - Add a list

With so many tasks dominating everyday life, an app that helps you organise your daily activities is essential to improve productivity. I know that I need reminders to make sure I don’t forget to buy a birthday present and to prepare a report on the same day. Wunderlist is the ideal app to ensure that you manage your to-do list in an easy manner.


To start, open the application and tap on Inbox to start creating a task or you can add a new list to categorise specific tasks, for example, a list solely for work projects. Choose the list you want to add a task to and write the details about the activity as well as assigning a due date, reminder notification and prioritising the task if it’s important by starring it.


Wunderlist - Creating a task



Reminders can be pushed to your mobile and sent to your email inbox to ensure you don’t forget to complete the task you have scheduled.  A red notification symbol at the bottom of the screen denotes the number of tasks to be completed for the day or the number of deadlines that have passed already. Wunderlist is a useful app to track important tasks that need to be carried out in a timely fashion. This is clearly shown by looking at the “More” section accessed from the bottom of the screen.


Wunderlist - Overview of tasks


The great thing about this app is that you can sign up for a free Wunderlist account (using your email address), which means that you can synchronise your tasks across all the devices you use. This is practical for users that want to access their up-to-date task list on the move. Furthermore, one of the features of Wunderlist allows you to share your tasks with friends and colleagues.


Wunderlist - Share tasks


On the whole, this app is very easy to use and understand. Navigation is simple and intuitive, allowing users to manage their to-do list effectively. Therefore, this app has a star rating of 4 out of 5.



Wunderlist scores 4 out of 5




Wanderlist can be downloaded for free and is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, making it a must have app for people who want to save time and not worry about missing appointments or forgetting to carry out important tasks.


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