App of the week: SuperBeam 4.0

Our app of the week is SuperBeam 4.0 for Android and this file/app transfer system makes it easier than ever to share between Wi-Fi enabled devices.


Download SuperBeam 4.0


The SuperBeam app has been created for Android devices and you can download SuperBeam 4.0 for Android here.


Although marketed for Android you can also download SuperBeam 4.0 for BlackBerry by visiting 1Mobile Market.


SuperBeam 4.0 review


The SuperBeam app has just had its latest update and with the new Google Material Design-Based Interface it has never been easier to share content held on your Android or BlackBerry smartphone.


SuperBeam app


The app downloads in a few seconds and you are greeted by a few introductory screens that highlight the apps capabilities. The home screen has a modern feel to it and 3 horizontal bars sit at the top of the screen and provide quick access to the menu.


SuperBeam 4.0 makes it really easy to find the files you want to share and you can simply tap on the appropriate icon to search for a file type. These file types are split into 7 categories; Files & Folders, Audio & Music, Photos, Apps, Videos, Documents and Contacts.


Share photos


The next step is to select the files you wish to share/transfer and multiple files can be selected for when you have for example lots of photos to share. At this point you will notice the categories in a scroll-able bar at the top of the screen and this enables you to select files from other categories for sharing in one action.


QR code


The transfer screen is easy to understand with several options available to complete the transfer. You can scan the on-screen QR code with the device that you want to share with or tap the NFC enabled devices together or enter the link in the receiver’s web browser which could be on a PC or Mac.


Share with PC or Mac


SuperBeam 4.0 features


The latest version of the SuperBeam app transfers files at up to 50 times faster than Bluetooth without the need for an internet connection. The look of the interface can be changed with a choice of light, dark or AMOLED colour schemes.


SuperBeam Interface


More features are available with SuperBeam Pro which offers an ad free experience. The Pro version opens up the opportunity to share with multiple devices at the same time, send entire folders with the structure preserved and there is an unlimited history of completed transfers.


SuperBeam Pro


If you fancy giving SuperBeam Pro a go then there is no better time than now with a free 14 day trial and a 50% sale price for those who upgrade.

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