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With so much news to catch up on with the buildup to the Olympics, latest mobile phone offers and the impending arrival of both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 our App of the Week helps you keep all the stories that interest you in one place and read later.


This week’s App of the Week is Spool.


Spool was developed so that users can read articles and watch videos without worrying about the platform, device or whether there is an internet connection. The app is available for use on both Apple phone and Android devices and is free to download.


When browsing online you can Spool articles that interest you and read them later offline, and you can save articles and videos from all over the web. You can add content to you Spool from your phone, computer or via email and you can send articles from your PC to view on your phone when out and about.



After downloading the app you can create an account or sign in with your Facebook details. Once you are up and running you get to choose people to follow, see what the most popular Spooled items are and browse for items to add to your Spool.


The Spooled stories are from all over the world and you can add articles or videos to your favourite, Archive or My Spools list to organise them for easier locating later.


The list can be synchronised across your PC and phone so you can begin to read an article on your PC and then continue on your phone or the other way round. You can also share articles and videos with your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as follow friends and see what articles they are Spooling.


The app is simple to use and you can add notes to your Spooled articles so your followers and friends can see what you thought of the article and why you are sharing it etc.



Overall the app is straightforward and a great way to read articles that interest you and watch videos offline so as not to eat up your data allowance. The social aspect was slightly annoying as you can’t switch this off and you will see streams of content that perhaps is not relevant or wanted.


My score for this app is 4 out of 5 stars as it’s a great way to reduce data charges by saving content to view offline later, but the social aspect would be better if you could switch it on and off as you wanted.


Mobilesplease App Rating: 4 out of 5


Around the World in 80 Scams scores 4 out of 5


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