App of the Week – Petometer

With the greatest dog show on earth, Crufts, being held at the weekend and this coinciding with the arrival of Cookie our new mini pinscher puppy it seems only fitting that our app of the week should be dedicated to our four legged friends.


So initially I was hoping to get a good app to help with training my new puppy, but after installing a number of apps designed for training I decided to try something else as many of the apps were either very basic, simply video collections from other sites or whistles that drove the dog mad.


So after much deliberation our App of the Week is……………..Petometer (Android and iOS)


This app is designed to help you and your dog keep fit and keeps track of your walks with facts such as time, distance, pace and route using Google Maps. You can set reminders of when to take your furry friend for their next walk and synch these with your phone calendar.




After installing the free app you need to create a user profile with your email address, a password and your name and you are straight in. The app allows you to add up to 6 dogs to your pet profile and you can upload a photo of your dog or dogs.



So now I am all signed up and have added my two dogs Kobi and Cookie I can now start to use the Petometer to track my dog walks. The dogs added to the profile are displayed on the homescreen and you can select the dogs you are taking on the walk if you walk your dogs separately, or select all if you take everyone out together.


Once you have selected the dogs you are taking out for a walk you simply press the “start your walk” button on screen and away you go. There is an audible dog barking sound when the tracker starts or stops, which was met with a rather puzzled look from my dogs but off we went anyway. As you stroll along with the dog(s) the app keeps track of your pace, time and distance which I found really useful as I like to make sure my dogs get plenty of exercise.



When you have started a walk there will be a “recommended exercises” button appear and this gives some hints and tips about ensuring your dog is well exercised and includes tips such as starting off on softer surfaces so your dogs’ feet can toughen up before walking on paths etc.


There are 5 recommendations in this section and I found it a little disappointing that these didn’t change at all, so you are simply presented with the same recommendations on every walk.


At the end of the walk you can see how long you have been out with the dogs, what your average pace was and the distance you have walked.  The walks are then stored in your history and you can view them along with Google Maps to show you the routes you have used. There is also the option to share your walk with friends with a customised Facebook status update.





The “recommended exercises” section could do with offering a variety of tips rather than just the same ones on each and every walk. It would be nice to be able to add walks you have taken when not using the app, say if you forgot to start the app on your walk.




Overall the app is very easy to use and is a great tool for keeping track of dog walks if you want to make sure your pooch is getting enough exercise. An actual pedometer or calorie counter tool would be a good add on to the app, but as it’s free and it is designed to encourage you and your dog to get out and exercise what it lacks can be forgiven.


Mobilesplease App of the Week Rating: 4 out of 5

 Around the World in 80 Scams scores 4 out of 5


If anyone has found a great dog training app please share it in the comments below as I am still looking!


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