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This week we have been looking at a range of apps for keeping fit and one of the most important parts of your body to keep fit is your brain. So we have been road testing a number of apps designed to improve your mental agility and our standout favourite has been chosen as our App of the Week.


Mind Games - Mindware


     Mind Games (Mindware Consulting Inc) Android – Free





This brain training app is actually a collection of 17 games designed to give your grey matter a real workout and after having downloaded the app for free you can set up each player so you can compete with others on your smartphone too.


The main menu lists the options across the top of the screen with”Play”to take you to the games and “Schedule”lets you set up to three times you want to be reminded to take your brain workout. “Settings” lets you switch between players and you can choose whether to have sounds or not during the games.


The huge choice of games on this brain training app means there is lots to keep you interested and you get to see how you can compare to a world average of users and you can see a graph of your progress as you keep “training”your brain.


Mind games attention training


The first game on the list is “Attention Training” which asks you to select the arrow displayed in the middle of the screen, whilst other arrows are displayed around it to distract you. This really makes you hone in and concentrate and is based on the flanker attention task to ignore competing information and helps processing speed.


Face Memory gives you a short time to memorise a number of faces and then you have to recall from a selection of images whether these were displayed or not. Math Star gets your mental arithmetic going with a quick fire succession of maths problems and you have to select from a multiple choice of options to find the right answer.


mind games memory racer


Memory Racer is a quick and fun game where images are displayed and you have to select “Match”or “No Match” if the image preceeding the last one is the same or not. This game is quite addictive and as you get your average at the end it is fun to compete against yourself to match your best score.


Memory Span is a sequence matching game and Spatial Memory tests you with a number of sequences of tiles flipping over on a board and you have to memorise and match the tiles that flipped.





Mind games Visual memory




Visual Memory is a tough image memorising game where you are given three lists of 9 images to memorise which appear for 15 seconds and you then identify whether the images were in the list or not from a sequence of images that flash up.


This is only a selection of the games included in the app so there is hours of fun to be had and while you are enjoying playing the games you get a great mental workout too.







This is a great free app that lets you play games whilst getting a brain workout at the same time and the score and average scores displayed make you feel competitive against yourself to improve your previous attempts.
The schedule is also a great idea as you get notifications as to when you need to do your next workout and regular workouts will help fight the effects of aging on your brain as well as improve brain functioning no matter what your age.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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