App of the Week – London 2012 Join In


With the Olympic Games soon upon us this week’s App of the Week is designed to help everyone make the most of the event whether you are attending or watching it.


App of the Week – London 2012 Join In



This is the official app for the Olympic Games and the intention of the app is to allow everyone no matter where they are to plan, enjoy and share their Games experience. The phone is available for both Android and iPhone users.


Once the app is installed and you launch it a download bar appears to pull all the information, there is a lot going on all focused around the Olympics so the app if quite data heavy.







The app opens up to reveal “What’s on” with everything happening with today’s events and you can find information on all the events happening near to you. The tabs allow you to filter the events to categories like Torch, Sport and See & Do so you can see what you can join in with or watch.




The torch relay information is on there too so you can check out where the torch is at now and where it’s headed.














The calendar allows you to look at future events and when you select an event there is tons of information on what is happening and there is a map so you can see where to go to. Travel and accessibility guides are on hand to help you get to the events and you can upload photos of yourself at events and share them with your social networks.


There is also a section on Road Events so those amongst us who were not lucky enough to get tickets can find out about free to attend events such as the Marathon and Road Cycling Race.




Overall the app is very easy to use and intuitive and is stuffed full of information for anyone interested in the Games and is available for both iPhone and Android users.  However there are a lot of pop up ads for and it does use a lot of data with updates as well as using GPS for location based info.


Mobilesplease App Rating:

Wunderlist scores 4 out of 5



Whether you love the Olympic Games or not this a great app for making the most out of the summer’s events with lots of useful travel info and it can be tailored easily to show the events that you are interested in.




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