App of the Week: Google Plus

There are many social networking apps available for your mobile phone and each of the main players offer something a little different, just like Google+.


Available across all of your devices from PC to smartphone, Google+ is a great forum for professionals, companies and individuals to share pictures, videos, opinions and news.


And with Google prioritising Google+ posts in its search engine results, even over actual websites themselves, then it really has become the power player of the social networks for those who want to be heard.


Google Plus


So, in this blog we will take a look at optimising and formatting Google+ posts and then we will take a look at the Google+ app itself, including how to get it onto your mobile device.


Optimising and formatting Google+ posts


Formatting posts on Google Plus offers only limited options but you can really make your posts stand out as many haven’t caught on to the little tricks you can do.


Here are 3 formatting tips to help you get your Google+ posts noticed:


  • How to add bold text: *text*
  • How to add italic text: _text_
  • How to add a strikethrough: -text-
  • How to combine formatting: *_text_*


So as you can see it is easy to make your text based posts stand out from the rest.


Google Plus Posts


It is also possible to create interactive posts and add a ‘read’ button to your post which research has shown may triple the amount of click-through’s if you are promoting for example a news story or article on a website.


Google+ app


You can download the Google+ app at the following locations:


Google+ for Android

Google+ for Apple

Google+ for Windows Phone


The Google+ app offers an experience that is very similar to that witnessed on a PC or laptop.


Google Plus Men


In principal the main areas to become familiar with is the Home page , People, Photos, Communities, Locations and Hangouts pages.


  • Home: On this tab you can see the posts from all of the people you are following. There is a drop down on this page which will let you see posts from specific Circles you have set up as well. Setting up Circles is a great way to put say tech bloggers all in one location.
  • People: From here you can search for people you may know or find people who talk about topics you are interested in.
  • Photos: Here you can find your photos and videos, share them or simply save them securely, which is a great way to protect yourself with a back-up of your memories. Of course the advantage of the app is that you can use your camera phone to take pictures and videos from directly inside Google+.
  • Communities: You may want to find a community that has been set up around an interest of yours or maybe you would like to set up a community of your own and invite people to join it.
  • Locations: Share you location.
  • Hangouts: Converse with people directly or hangout with a group of people. You can even hangout with up to 10 people in a live video call, which is great for friends or even work meetings.


The Google Plus experience is worth investigating if you haven’t ventured onto it before. Smartphone users will enjoy being able to voice their thoughts but without the limitations on text length experienced on Twitter.


Share and Plus One images


It is also a less cluttered world where your notifications are not simply full of game requests from Facebook friends, which returns the social platform back to its beginnings where networking, socialising, discovery and sharing is the prime goal.


Have you given the Google+ app a try?


Written by: Michael Brown

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