App of the Week – FlightAware

With summer fast approaching our thoughts turn to holidays and this week’s App of the Week is a handy tool for when you are heading off to catch your flight.


FlightAware – Live Flight Tracker



FlightAware allows you to track real-time flight information so you can see if your flight is going to be on time or whether you should expect delays. The app is available for free on the Android Market, iStore and Windows Market as well as on BlackBerry.



The app has information on flights worldwide and you can view the live map flight track to see where the flight is right now. So if you are heading to the airport to catch your flight you can simply check the status on FlightAware to see if everything is running on time or if you can expect delays.




The app is simple to use and after download you are presented with a number of choices on how you wish to track your flight. You can track by aircraft registration, route, flight number, city pair or airport code and the tracking includes flight details such as duration and distance. The full screen maps with NEXRAD radar overlay is a nice touch as you can view the flights progress in real time.


At launch you can choose from “Track by flight number”, “Track by Tail Number” or “Search by Flight Route”. I chose to search by route and entered in London Luton to Barcelona and the app will search all commercial flights for the route and when you choose one you can see details such as duration and airline.



The app is a great tool for checking your flight is going to be on time before you set off to the airport and I can imagine using it on either the outward or inward bound journeys.


This would also be a useful app if you are picking up friends or family from the airport as you could see delays before setting off and avoid a long wait in arrivals.


Overall the app is really simple to use and will be useful when travelling to or from your destination and the live map tracking is really good too. The fact that it can be used on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry makes the app even better as no matter which OS you use you can get flight tracking information.


Mobilesplease App Rating: 5 out of 5

5 out of 5




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