App of the Week: FastFood

With 99 days until the Olympics, those of us lucky enough to have tickets are sure to be planning their trips to the respective areas of the UK where the events will be happening. With a majority of the events happening in London there has been a campaign to make people aware that public transport will not be as fast as usual. This means people are going to have to walk and cycle around the city more, to get to where they want to – whether for the Games or for work. Our App of the Week, FastFood, will help those coming to the city for the first time as well as those who are used to it but might not have used public transport before.
FastFood is made by Kuchbi, a mobile company that develops apps for all smartphone platforms, including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.  The FastFood app is a location-based application which makes it very easy for a person to find the closest restaurants to them.


First appearing in early 2011, it is now going into its 4th version and has previously been number one as a restaurant finder application.



The app lists all the restaurants in your surrounding location, deals of those nearby, reviews and even allows you to look at most restaurants menus, to name a few of its useful features. If you find a restaurant that you like, you are shown directions to it and even the number to call it.



The navigation of the application could not be easier to use, with a number of ways to search through different cuisines. For example, you are able to search by the food chain and see what ones have a nearby location. It allows you to look for supermarkets and local shops if you want something fresh to cook. You can even email or text your friend with the details using the app, if you find one that you think they will like.


This is a perfect app I would say for those who will be coming to London for the first time and are looking for somewhere good to eat.


Mobilesplease App rating: 5 out of 5


Five out of Five

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