App of the Week: Egg Painter

Paint my Easter Egg

With the schools breaking up for the Easter holidays, children up and down the country will soon be demanding fun and interesting activities to soak up their energy and creative enthusiasm. Luckily, our App of the Week ticks all of these boxes and promises to entertain children (and adults) of all ages throughout the holidays.


Paint My Easter Egg is a fun and simple app that really does what it says on the tin. Once you’ve selected a style of Easter egg that you would like to paint, you choose your colours and then save your egg. This may sound a bit basic, however the fun is to be had once you’ve saved your design… Let’s take a closed look at the app.


Begin by choosing one of 12 different designs:


Paint my Egg App


When you’ve selected your egg, you can choose from various different colours to fill it in with:

Colour in your egg


By clicking ‘Actions’ you can then save the design or share it over e-mail or Facebook and Twitter. And it’s when you save the egg design that things begin to get even more fun. You get the opportunity to add your newly designed egg on to a photograph or image saved on your phone – either an existing one or one that you’ve taken. So you can take pictures of friends or family holding the egg, or simply replace their head with an egg, like I’ve done with Dave from the Mobilesplease office:


Egg on your face


In fact, we might start our own Mobilesplease Easter egg competition to see who can take the best photograph with an Easter egg taking centre stage.



Egg Painter is a simple idea that’s translated into an easy to use app that will plenty of fun for kids of all ages over the Easter period.


Mobilesplease App Rating: 4 out of 5

Around the World in 80 Scams scores 4 out of 5

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