App of the Week: Edwin

So for the App of the Week this week I was going to focus on something to increase my productivity as I love anything to help me get more organised, but then I thought no lets have fun!


So this week’s App of the Week is…… Edwin (Speaktoit)



Edwin is a virtual chatbot app that tells the future! OK maybe he just gives you random answers to your questions much like the magic 8 Ball toys of the past but he is good fun. Ask Edwin anything and he will look to the stars to give you an answer and he is available from both the Android Market and the iStore.


Edwin the Foreteller speaks to you in natural language (although he has a female voice hmmmm odd) and you can ask him any question you like. Want to know your horoscope for today or this month? Ask Edwin!


So after you install the app and open it you will be asked if you want to install the “SpeechSynthesis Data Installer”, if you don’t already have this on your phone. This allows Edwin to speak to you – you could choose not to install this and see his answers on the screen.



The app is very simple, when you open it you will be presented with a screen where you will see Edwin holding his magical mystical fortune telling book (disappointed it wasn’t a crystal ball) and you have the option to either speak or type your question to Edwin. He will then use his fortune telling abilities to let you know your future and the answer to your question.


At first I was a little disappointed as everything seemed to be negative; I asked “Will it rain today?” Edwin replies “The stars say ‘no doubt'”. So I ask “will my flight be delayed” and Edwin replies “If you really need my thoughts on this I would say ‘yes'”. Well I was ready to walk away from Edwin and end the relationship right there but I figured he deserved another chance so I thought I would try again. So I went for something simple and just said “today” to my virtual fortune teller and he replied “today is the day you can choose to change your life”. OK getting better, so I then asked for my horoscope and got a very positive message about my future so Edwin and I are friends again.



The app is designed to be simple and just a bit of fun and it is! If you like to read your daily horoscope then this is a great app for you and if you want a bit of fun asking all the silly questions you can think of then Edwin will be your pal.


The female voice coming out of the male character was a little off putting and the need to be connected to the internet the whole time is a downside of this app.


Mobilesplease App Rating: 3 out of 5


Edwin is a fun and easy to use app and is ideal if you are looking for a bit of fun but the wrong voice and internet connection requirement are unfortunate. As the app synopsis says Edwin provides opinions and advice, but you are responsible for choosing your own path – so don’t take it too seriously.

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