App of the Week – Driving Mad Golf


After the success of Team Europe in the Ryder Cup our App of the Week aims to help even newbies to the game of golf get into the swing of things.


App of the Week – Driving Mad Golf, Billiongamee (Android- Free)


The game has multiple levels for you to master and to progress you need to get the number of balls to the target areas within the time limit. For example you need to get two balls onto the green within 99 seconds, taking into account wind direction and adjusting your aim and power accordingly.


You simply tap the screen to set the power of the shot and tap again to choose the direction; the right hand side graphic will show you the wind direction so you can adjust your shot to suit. On the left hand side of the screen you see an aerial view of the green with previous shots shown on there so you can adjust your direction and power as necessary. The middle pane of the game is where you will see the player that you control and the green in the distance.



It is not a full golf game, as in you don’t work your way around 18 holes of varying difficulties, rather you work through different challenges and if you fail a level you go back to hole one.



The control of the game is very similar to other golf games and this version gives you extra time to complete the level if you manage to hit one of the birds flying past. So if you get a birdie (groan) you get more time to master the level you are working on.




The graphics may not be the best ever seen and the interaction is very simple so if you are after a more in depth golf game this isn’t it. It is fun however and the added bird targets make it a giggle to play and quite addictive so it will help kill a bit of time on a long train journey or if you want to lay a simple and fun game for a while.


The wind direction does seem to play heavy on your shot and sometimes it can seem that even the most on target shot can slope of the green but that does make you more determined to make your way through the game to get to the final challenge.


Overall this is a fun and addictive game and it’s available for free, so it’s worth a try if you have been inspired by the Team Europe victory at the Ryder Cup.

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