App of the Week – Clay Pigeon Shooting

With Team GB doing us proud in the Olympics this week’s App of the week is in honour of one of the gold medal winners and gets you practicing your shooting skills.


App of the Week – Clay Pigeon Shooting By Alcacoop (Android)


Peter Wilson won Gold in shooting this week and our App of the Week lets you get in on the shooting action.

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a simple game with 6 different options designed to test your skills and you can share your scores and progress with friends.

The games modes comprise of Skeet, Trap, Double Trap, 50xArcade, Survive and 2 x   Survive. The Skeet and Trap games are simple one clay one shot games whilst the Arcade game is a fast paced fun shooting game.








The Survive modes shoots one or two clays and you only get 6 lives so you have to keep your eye in the game or you will be disqualified. Double Trap is the sport that got Team GB its third gold medal and it’s a fun game where you need to hit the mark on both clays fired.



Global leaderboards and achievements can be shared via the Scoreloop social game network so you can go worldwide and show everyone how it’s done.


Mobilesplease App Rating

Wunderlist scores 4 out of 5



The game is simple and fun and the arcade version is great fast paced action, due to the simplicity of the game it perhaps won’t give too many hours of entertainment but as it’s free that’s not too big a deal.

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