App of the Week – Christmas Calendar 2012



As November comes to an end Christmas is getting closer and closer and even though the shops have been full of Christmas stuff for a while it’s only in December you can get your hands on your advent calendar. For those that love the idea of opening a new window each day through December for a festive surprise our app of the week is perfect and even better – no calories!


App of the Week – Christmas Calendar 2012, GoPal Appmaker (Android – Free)



If you haven’t bought yourself a chocolate advent calendar and still want in on the daily fun then you can download an advent calendar to your mobile phone. I chose the Christmas Calendar 2012 by GoPal Appmaker as the festive look and design really jumps out at you.






So once you have downloaded the app you simply open it up and you are presented with a festive scene adorned with 25 “windows” for you to open numbered from 1 to 25. Now if you are thinking you can cheat and gorge yourself on Christmas goodies by opening all or a number of the doors early then you would be wrong. The app allows you to open the day you are on and the next day but no further.


If like me you try to open more than this you get a message pop up on the screen that tells you “you gotta wait!”







Behind each window you will be given fun facts about Christmas, videos or links to Christmas related content. When I opened the Dec 1st door I got a link to a gingerbread recipe, so if you do follow the links and make the recipes then the calorie content of the app does go up – but hey it’s Christmas!


The app is quite simply an advent calendar but there is also a countdown section so you can see how many days, hours and minutes it is until you can tear into those gifts under the tree.


The “Share” option allows you to spread the Christmas cheer with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Skype or you can email a link to the app so friends can enjoy it too.





Mobilesplease App Rating

Wunderlist scores 4 out of 5



Overall the app is simple to use and just a bit of fun and with Christmas recipes, videos and fun facts behind each window it should help you get into the Christmas spirit. If that doesn’t work the Christmas tunes playing in the background should to the trick!

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