App of the Week – Camscanner

Our smartphones have become essential tools in our everyday lives and we want them to do more and more to keep us organised and help with daily tasks. If you want your phone to do all sorts of home office or work tasks you are not alone and our App of the Week is a really useful tool for copying documents.


This week’s App of the Week is Camscanner – PDF Creator. (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile)



This app turns your phone into a scanner allowing you to digitize documents by simply taking a photo. You can crop images and easily scan multiple pages into one document or delete pages and create PDF files



The app is available on the Android Market, Apple iStore and as a download for Windows Mobile phones too. There is a QuickStart guide to take you through the features and with diagrams and comprehensive instructions you will be using the app with ease in no time.


You can capture images with your camera through the app to create PDF documents for emailing on, saving to your phone or add images to photo albums.  The app can be used to take photos of receipts, posters, book covers and pages from documents so you can keep a record of important things or things that you spot throughout the day.


The app allows you to crop images to get only the important data from the photo and image enhancing and colour processing from the app ensures as clear an image as possible.



There is an option to create multiple page documents by simply selecting multiple images from the slider option and when you have “scanned” all the pages you can re-arrange them or delete any pages you don’t want to keep.


All captured images can be viewed through the app and they are much clearer than viewing them from the camera facility thanks to Camscanner image enhancing features.


Once you have snapped what you want you can choose to convert the file to PDF or email it off as well as sending it to cloud storage options such as Dropbox etc.



After using the app for various things such as scanning adverts for products that interest me when I am out and about to scanning recipes I fancy trying I can see this app would have many uses. Taking photos of whiteboards or presentations is great for meetings and scanning receipts is a great way to compare prices on products I have bought.


Mobilesplease App Rating:

5 out of 5

The app is so easy to use and I have found more and more uses for it the longer I have had it and due to this Camscanner gets a resounding 5 out of 5.

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