App of the Week: Autodance

AutodanceI was first made aware of this App of the Week when a friend sent me a text and demanded I download it and record my cat. This immediately raised my interest levels along with a smile and not long later we were laughing at my cat dancing to the Sugarhill Gang. Any free app that has this power is worth sharing with the world and that is why Autodance is our App of the Week.


Available on both Apple and Android, the concept is pretty simple -record four clips of someone dancing, throwing some shapes or simply moving about (human or animal) and the app knits them together in time to the music. Depending on how funky your shapes are, this can result in some genuinely laugh out loud moments.


The app itself is really easy to use and quite intuitive. After loading it up you’re presented with three options: start, my videos and how to.


Autodance app of the week


Clicking start takes you through to the recording screen, where you will record four separate clips. After recording each clip, you’re shown the playback and given the option to re-record it if you’re not happy with it. Recording is a relatively simple process and after you’ve recorded a few different videos, you’ll get used to how it works and how best to direct your subject.


When you’re happy with the clips, hit done and you can then choose between three different songs for the soundtrack.


Autodance App


When you’ve chosen, hit go and the app will begin working its magic. At this stage, you’re presented with one of the most imaginative loading bars you’re likely to see, with a moonwalking man following your progress.



Transferring funk


After a minute or two, you’re presented with a fully edited dance that really should bring a smile to your face. I recorded Duwaine from our office and I intended to share his moves here however the feature that enables you to share your dances was crashing the app and so his embarrassment has been spared… for this time. Instead, here’s a screenshot of one of his moves.


Dance from autodance


Mobilesplease Verdict

This app is a lot of fun and the whole office wanted to see the video when it had been created and it didn’t disappoint. It’s extremely easy to use and will no doubt be enjoyed by all ages. It could be improved by having more song choices to dance to and the difficulties with uploading and sharing the video were frustrating. However for a free app, these can be overlooked and it’s well worth downloading.


Mobilesplease App Rating: 4 out of 5.

Around the World in 80 Scams scores 4 out of 5



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