Android Wins Smartphone Race

The latest sales reports for Q3 of worldwide smartphone sales sees Android OS handsets annihilate the competition with 52% of sales. This will be great news for Google as this has doubled their domination compared to last year when they only took 25.3% of the pie. These figures mean that over 60 million handsets were sold in Q3 with the Android OS on board.


The rest of the pack fell far behind with second place going to Symbian with 16.9% followed by iOS with 15% and RIM with 11%. The back runners were Bada and Microsoft with Bada just getting ahead with 2.2% and Windows phones only accounting for 1.5% of sales.


All the operating systems saw their sales figures drop compared to last year, apart from Android which doubled its figures. Microsoft continues to struggle to get a decent number of sales, however with Nokia dropping its own Symbian OS in favour of Windows Phone OS things could change. The Nokia Lumia has been heavily promoted and is the flagship Windows phone to be followed by many more so this could buck the trend for Microsoft.


The drop in Apples figures has been accredited to many people waiting for the iPhone 4S to launch so future figures may prove better for Apple. With Symbian being put on the back burner and no more handsets to be released second place is now to play for – so who do you think will get the silver medal?

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