Android Widgets

Today we are going to take a look at the best Android widgets for your smartphone.


Why? Because widgets bring live information to your home screens so the information you want to see is immediately visible and you don’t need to find an app icon and then open the app to get at the info you want.


So if you have been jealous of your friends Windows Live Tiles and HTC BlinkFeed then it’s time to create your own tailored live tile experience on your Android phone using widgets.


Weather & Clock Widget Android


Everyone needs a weather widget for their Android smartphone and I have chosen the Weather & Clock Widget Android as my widget of choice. This widget is fully, and I mean fully, customisable and I think the transparent setting is great as it lets your live wallpaper show through.


As well as having a choice of sizes and colour options this widget gives you the option to only update over Wi-Fi if you wish to save your data bundle. You can add or remove elements that you want displayed and these include wind speed, week number, humidity, pressure, feels like, moon phase, battery level and you can choose to see either a daily or hourly forecast in the widget.


Weather & Clock Widget Android


Download Weather & Clock Widget Android


Facebook Widget


Okay so you have downloaded the Facebook app and once again you have an app icon on one of your home screens that you need to click to launch the app in a new screen. But, if you go to your widgets menu you will find a new widget for Facebook and you can place this on your home screen instead.


This presents you with a live tile from which you can flick through your friends updates or post your own, all without leaving your home screen. If you haven’t got the Facebook app then download it first and then go to your widget menu to activate it.


Facebook Widget


Download Facebook Widget


Calendar Widget: Month + Agenda Widget


Satisfying my calendar and agenda needs in one go I chose the Calendar Widget: Month + Agenda because it is so easy to use and once again it will let your live wallpaper show through. It does however take up a whole screen but I am willing to forgive this as the layout is so clean looking and you can see your agenda without having to open a separate screen and this is of course why we are downloading widgets in the first place.


Calendar Widget


Download Calendar Widget


Glass News Widget


The Glass News Widget is a great live widget option for checking the news in a compact form, thus leaving more room for other widgets. In a 4 x 1 configuration this widget allows you to choose a news feed such as BBC Top News. Automatically refreshing, you can tap the the panel on the left or right to scroll forwards or backwards through the news stories. It simple but it really works!


Glass News Widget


Download Glass News Widget


Written by: Michael Brown

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