Android smartwatch tips

Android smartwatches are one of the most exciting breakout technologies of the year and if you have purchased a Moto 360, G Watch, Gear Live or Pebble smartwatch then this article is for you!


Today we take a closer look at the Android Wear Operating System that powers all of these devices and highlight the tips and tricks that will help you leave your smartphone in your pocket or at home.

Setting up your smartwatch


Here we take a quick look at a few handy tips that will allow you to set up your smartwatch and set you on that journey to becoming a true wearable tech fanatic.


  • How do I change the watch face? – This is easily achieved by pressing and holding your finger on the current watch face.
  • How do I dim the display? – This screen may be dimmed by covering it completely with your palm until the watch vibrates.
  • How can I save battery life? – The most effective way to save battery life is to turn off the Screen always on feature. You can find this option in the Android Wear settings and once the screen has been deactivated it will automatically spring back to life when you raise the watch towards your face.


Moto 360

Moto 360


  • How do I check battery standby? – Dragging your finger downwards from the top of the watch face displays your battery standby and date. You can also turn off vibrations and mute your smartwatch from here.
  • How do I mute notifications? – You can mute specific app notifications in the settings of the Android Wear app. Tap mute app notifications followed by the + symbol and then select the apps you wish to block.


What smartwatch apps can I download?


There is a wide selection of apps available for your Android smartwatch in the app store and here are a few recommendations that you may like to consider.


  • Runtastic app – Fitness apps are one of the biggest draws of wearable tech and your Android smartwatch incorporates this functionality beautifully. Say “Ok Google, start a run” to activate the app and view stats such as time, distance and calories burned.
  • Lyft app – Can you never find a taxi when you need one? Say “Ok Google, call me a car” and one will be dispatched to your location. You can view the expected arrival time of your ride, the model of car and rate your driver.


G Watch

G Watch


  • Pebble Lock app – Now known as Dislock, this popular app unlocks your smartphone when your smartwatch nears it and locks it again when you move away.
  • Wear Mini Launcher app – Finding an app on your Android smartwatch isn’t always easy but this app allows you to set a grid styled icon system onto your smartwatch with the flexibility to change the number of columns and icon size.

Serenade your watch


Your Android smartwatch loves to listen and act upon your commands and questions. Here are a few voice commands to get you started.


  • “Ok Google, play some music” – This prompt will allow you to play music on your smartphone as well as skip and pause tracks. Alternatively you can download your albums onto your Android smartwatch and enjoy them through a wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • “Ok Google, remind me to… at…” – This voice command sets up simple reminders and ensures you will never forget to complete those tasks that often slip your mind.


Gear Live

Gear Live


  • “Ok Google, navigate to…” – This request begins turn-by-turn navigation, perfect for in-car or on-foot guidance.
  • “Ok Google, settings” – This is the quickest way to get to your Android smartwatch settings.


The voice commands don’t end here though and you can learn more by saying “Ok Google” and tapping anywhere on the screen. You will then be presented with a menu of commands that you can say.


Have you purchased you first peace of wearable tech yet?


Written by: Michael Brown

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