Android Picks Up The Pace

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced that 160,000 new Android phones are being activated every single day, that’s about 4.8 million phones a month.

The figure in may was 100,000 a day and the number of android apps is on the rise too – 65,000 compared with 50,000 a month ago. With more Android based super phones announced almost every day it look like Android may become to mobile phones what windows is to PCs.

And the comparison with PC’s doesn’t end there, the latest Android offering from Motorola is on a par spec wise with the home computers of only a few years ago. The Droid X is a beast of a phone, it boasts a 4.3″ screen – compared to 3.5″ for the iPhone, ┬áit also has a 1GHz processor and 8 GB of onboard memory.

These specs coupled with the 8 megapixel camera and HDMI port, yes that’s right, an HDMI port, mean that not only can we expect phones to take on some of the roles traditionally carried out by PCs, but maybe video cameras too.

Who knows what other devices will come under pressure from mobile phones?

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