Android P preview for developers expected in the next few weeks

Android P is expected to be officially launched in August this year however, the latest rumours indicate that Android P could appear sometime this month.


Android P Developer release



The official launch of the latest Android OS is expected to follow the usual release schedule of previous versions, with an event in August or September. However, the developer preview always come out earlier so that developers can get their hands on it and develop apps and features for it. The latest rumours hint that this preview of Android P could be out in as little as a few weeks.


To get your hands on it you will need to be a registered developer with Google though.

Android P News



One of the most debated parts of Android P is what is the P actually going to stand for? The theme of the Android OS versions so far has centred around desserts. Some speculation has hinted at some sort of pie, but Google will reveal all when we see the preview.


The main features of Android P won’t be revealed in the preview version, this is released to give developers a chance to identify and work out bugs and get their apps ready for the new OS. There has been talk of better security options and the ability to block scam calls.



The majority of the Android P features will be revealed at the Google I/O in May this year so we don’t have too long to see where Google goes with their latest OS.


When the new version of Android is released, users of Google Pixel phones or handsets in the Android One series will be the first to get it.



What do you want to see on Android P? What do you think the P will stand for? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Google+.

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