Android O features

Android O


Android O is expected to get its final release before the end of the summer. As per Google’s typical methodology, a series of developer previews and beta versions are released for testing, The first of these has just arrived and so we can now run you through the new features of Android O.


Notification Channels


With Android O it will be possible to customise different types of notifications, grouped together in categories. Each category of notification will behave in a certain way with the user able to set the importance, sound, lights, vibration, whether they show on lockscreen and whether they should override do not disturb.


Notification Channels


Notification Badges


With Notification Badges, any new notification is highlighted by a notification dot that appears on the app’s homescreen icon. A long press on an app’s icon will allow users to take a glance at the notification in a pop up bubble.


Notification Badges




Picture-in-Picture is a hybrid version of multi-window multi-tasking. Instead of losing half of the screen to a video app, you get a much smaller video window and this makes it easier to continue with other tasks. With Android O you will be able to watch a YouTube video or Netflix TV episode, while reading an email with ease.




An essential standard on PCs and laptops, AutoFill will finally make its way onto Android smartphones. Just like on a desktop, Android O will, if you opt in to the feature, fill in your information on forms, at log-in request and on credit card forms.


Adaptive Icons


Adaptive Icons will let app icons change shape when needed. This means that if you change your theme then you will get better looking circle or rounded square icons.


Adaptive Icons


Battery life


Android O will, like its predecessors, improve your battery life. Android O will maximise battery life further by limiting more of the unneeded background activities of apps.


Android O beta


To get the Android O beta you will need one of the later Android devices such as the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel and Pixel XL.


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