Android N, Instant Apps, Allo and Duo announced

Google I/O 2016 has just taken place and this developer’s conference has shed light on the upcoming Android N OS, Android Instant Apps, the Allo Messenger and the Duo Video Calling app.


Today, we take a look at how these new features will transform the smartphone experience, in just a few months time.


Android N


Notifications on Android N will get an overhaul and it will be possible to reply to incoming messages and emails within the notification box itself. Forget about opening up the email client or messaging app because life is just about to get a whole lot easier.


Notifications of a similar nature will be bundled together, with a simple touch expanding the view so that more detail can be seen, along with the option to respond or dismiss each separate notification.


Android N notifications


Multi-window support will also be featured on Android N, allowing users to place two apps either side-by-side or top-and-bottom. The dividing bar between the two apps can moved in either direction to resize the two apps and if needed, two Chrome web browsers can be opened side-by-side.


In addition to these two major updates, Android N will have faster graphics, use less battery power and download Android updates automatically in the background.


Android N notifications


Android Instant Apps


Android Instant Apps will completely change the way that smartphones get access to content within apps. The best explanation of how Android Instant Apps work is through an example.


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Should someone share a link to an Instagram video, the smartphone will download just the portion of the Instagram app that is required to show the video. This gives instant access to the content without the need to download the whole app, although a button in presented on the display for one touch app download, if it is desired.  


Allo Messenger


The Allo Messenger takes chat to new levels with the integration of the Google Assistant. Much like Now on Tap, the Google Assistant monitors what is being typed in the chat window, in order to prompt the showing of useful information, that previously would have required the user to switch to the Chrome browser to use a search engine.


If for example, going out for food is mentioned, then the Google Assistant offers to show both parties nearby restaurants. If the prompt is tapped then a banner opens with restaurant recommendations and these, within the chat window, can be interacted with and the Google Assistant can even make table reservations on the users behalf.


Allo Messenger



Duo Video Calling


The Duo Video Calling app will have one of the most clutter free interfaces yet. The standout feature of Duo is that it instantly shows a live feed from the callers video camera, so you know exactly who is calling before you decide whether or not to answer the calls.


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Android N will be released later this year on an upcoming Google Nexus phone, followed by a gradual roll out to other phone owners. The new Android apps will be available to anyone with Google KitKat or higher, so there will be no wait to get these apps, while you are waiting for the Android N update for your specific phone.


Written by: Michael Brown

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