Android M is for Marsmallow: Google Confirms new OS Name


The latest Android version, Android M, has been talked about for a while and even though most people have been debating what innovations we will see one point of huge speculation has been what will the “M” stand for. With Google sticking to a sweet theme there has been guesses ranging from Milky Way (after using KitKat in a previous version why wouldn’t a named confectionery be the one) to Meringue. Well the wait is over and Google has confirmed the name of Android 6.0 will be…..


Android Marshmallow 6.0


android m


Google has always been good at getting people talking about their products and the sweet sounding names of their OS versions has given us all plenty of fun guessing what they will come up with next. This clever marketing ploy is a far cry from other OS developers as they stick to numerical versions, but not Google Oh No!


So Android Marshmallow it is, and what will this OS give us apart from a cushion soft pillow of sweetness for a name?


The Android M OS was revealed at the Google I/O in May and the latest version of Android is going to have many new enhanced features. Android Pay will be updated with new services allowing users to pay in store and in apps and Google Now will get a revamp too.


Now on Tap will launch the Google Now assistant by holding the home button on your phone and it will use the information from what you are doing to deliver information.


The latest version of Android will roll out to users later this year so you will have to see when your manufacturer releases the OTA update to give it a try.


So now we all know that it’s Android Marshmallow what will we expect next? Will Android N’s sweet name be? Tell us what you think the next name will be by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+.


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