Android L – What’s New?


Many of you may just be getting to grips with Android KitKat but it won’t be long until a new Google OS is out there. Android L is set for release this Autumn so we take a look to see what we can expect.


Android L new look

Android L Design


The new look of Android L has seen a number of changes when compared to earlier releases. A more 3D effect has been included with circular icons with shadows and tiles can slide over each other and include animations such as reveal effects. Touch feedback adds a new dimension and there is a new look back, home and multi-tasking button design.


The Lock screen gets an update on Android L with enhanced notifications that learn what you look at most on your smartphone and prioritises the notifications accordingly.


Android L New features


android l lock screen


The lock screen gets new functionality with the ability to swipe or open notifications from the locked position as well as quick actions, including a swipe left to launch the camera so you don’t miss that important shot.


Multi-tasking gets a new look with a carousel of active apps that you can scroll up or down to select or simply swipe them left or right to close them.


Chromebook users will be able to unlock the laptop automatically when the Android L smartphone gets close to it and notifications will be delivered across both devices once paired.


android l chromebook


The Android L OS will also work with wearable technology such as smart watches with the handset automatically unlocking when the phone detects the smartwatch close by.

There will be a new battery saving mode on Android which will help you identify individual apps power consumption and choose to close or minimise functionality based on your needs.

Many top smartphones come with power saving modes already installed but recent tests showed the power saving mode on Android L offered up 36% more saved power than Android KitKat.

Android Auto functionality will also be included in the latest Google OS with a simplified and less distracting display when used within an Android Auto compatible car. The system will learn as it goes delivering traffic and other useful information before you start your journey. If your car does not include Android Auto then you will soon be able to buy devices from manufacturers such as Panasonic to add to your existing car to be able to use the Android Auto features.


android auto


Android L will also work with Google Fit to help you achieve your fitness goals so if you have a smartwatch Android L smartphone you can keep track of your activity across your devices.


android l smart watch



Android L has certainly seen a number of improvements and it debuted at the latest Google Developers conference with a hint at the version number 5.0 being used.


What do you think of Android L or Android v5.0 L? Do you like the latest features added to the Google OS? Do you think there should be something else added? Share your comments below or join us on Google+ to gives us your ideas for additional Android L features.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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