Android Go now offical

At the I/O Google Developer conference this year, we first heard about Android Go which is a new version of Android for devices with less powerful processors.


What is Android Go?



The Android Go operating system announced by Google this year, is going to be a trimmed down version of Android O. It is being designed to work with budget phones that don’t have a lot of RAM. Cheaper devices like the Huawei Y3 and Moto C will benefit from a trimmed down OS like this.


Android Go Features



The features that are on Android O, such as Gmail and Chrome, are getting a simplified version and reduction in data usage. The more simple apps will take up less storage and processing power.


The Google Play Store will also highlight the lighter version of apps, these will show as “optimised for your device” when browsing the store on a budget phone.



There is going to be a YouTube Go app, this will allow users to view videos offline by downloading them over Wi-Fi and watching later. This will be useful for anyone on a tariff that doesn’t offer up much data as part of the plan.


The first devices to launch with Android Go should be out early next year.

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