Android Apps on BlackBerry?

A video from Mobile World Congress has surfaced that seems to confirm the rumours that RIM is planning to let it’s forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook run Android Apps.

Assuming this is true, it could be a very smart move on RIM’s part.

Attracting sufficient numbers of developers to a platform to build games and apps is a key part of any platform’s success. ¬†It doesn’t look like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is doing so well on that score and Nokia’s Ovi Store is a bit sparse. ¬†Allowing the PlayBook to run Android apps neatly sidesteps this whole issue. It will give the device access to a wealth of apps and games, even if no one outside RIM ever writes an app for it it will still have a solid software library.

It will be interesting to see – again, assuming that it’s true – if RIM will do something similar with it’s phones, Android apps would make a welcome addition to the apps and games already available on blackberry devices.

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