Android 5.0 Phone from Sony spotted on benchmark tests



Sony stirred up the rumour mill with promises of a phone that will compete with the likes of the iPhone 5 and now they are back in the headlines again with a rumoured phone possibly to have the latest version of Android on board.




A benchmark test for a phone dubbed the LT30i has been leaked, this phone hasn’t popped up before so what can we expect from this phone? The Xperia T was known as the LT30p when it went through similar tests so we should be seeing a similar set of specifications; however the really interesting part is that the test shows the phone is running Android 5.0.


Android 5.0 also known as Key Lime Pie was expected to be the latest release from Google at their event this year however we just saw an update to the existing Jelly Bean OS.


This is the first inkling of the next batch of phones to give us the very latest Android OS and it appears Sony would like to be the first one to bring it to us. So all the talk of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 competitor from Sony could be this phone and it may be released as the Xperia Nexus as per a leak in August.




The only real confirmation we can expect will be at the CES 2013, but until then there is bound to be plenty of more information coming our way in the form of rumours and if Android 5.0 is to be the OS of choice for the event we should be seeing teasers of the other manufacturers offerings pretty soon.


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