Android 4.2 – New Features Revealed


Android Jelly Bean

The next update to Android 4.1 has now been confirmed and Android 4.2 surprisingly retains its Jelly Bean name rather than the expected Key Lime moniker that was expected. This latest version sees quite a few changes but perhaps Google want to keep the Key Lime name for the next total OS refresh.


So to Jelly Bean 4.2 – what has changed?

There have been a few changes made to the engine which, according to Google, make everything fast, fluid and smooth. The homescreen has become easier to personalise with widgets re-arranging themselves when you place a new one on the screen rather than you having to move things around yourself. The widgets will also re-size themselves to keep everything tidy and organised. These are just some of the minor changes, read below for the latest features that have been added to the new OS.


Photo Sphere

This latest camera feature allows you to take multiple shots in each direction which you can view stitched together on your phone and you can add these to Google Maps or share on your Google+ accounts.


Gesture Typing

This latest keyboard feature allows you to simply glide your finger over the keyboard from letter to letter with the app putting in the spaces and predicting the words for you. If you prefer not to type the latest Android OS now features improved Text-to-Speech too.


Wireless Display

Similar to the AirPlay feature offered by Apple iOS devices this feature allows you to wirelessly stream your games or videos to a compatible “Miracast” HDTV. (An adaptor will be available for suitable TV’s)


Multiple User Accounts

This one has been needed for a while and now Google has delivered with multiple accounts for tablets that give each user their own homescreen and apps. There is no need to shut the tablet down as each user account is password protected you can simply switch between users.


A number of other features have been improved including Google Now which acts as a digital assistant offering information such as weather, news and transport options whilst Google Search has an improved voice control feature. Daydream has been added to the OS and this feature displays images and customisable notifications when the phone is idle or locked.


LG Nexus 4


These latest features will all be included on the LG Nexus 4 which has been confirmed to be toting the Android 4.2 OS and we should see this on the rumoured Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 tablets. The official event to launch the new OS had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy so we don’t have confirmed details of the roll out of 4.2 Jelly Bean, but we are sure to see a number of handsets released later this year with either the new OS or the compatibility to upgrade to it once it’s out.

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