Amazon Fire OS: What’s it all about?

There is a new kid on the ‘smartphone block’ and it’s called the Amazon Fire Phone, which is set to launch towards the end of July and it is powered by Amazon’s very own Fire operating system version 3.5.0.


Now, you may think that this is just another phone with another operating system but the news is a little more interesting than that and we are about to find out why.


Amazon Fire OS features


Before we get into the nitty gritty details we should first note that the Amazon Fire Phone uses 4 infrared sensors, one in each corner of the phone, to track you eyes movement. The Fire OS then uses this to create a 3D Dynamic Perspective that tricks your eyes into thinking you are seeing things in 3 dimensions. Very exciting indeed!


Fire phone with Firefly


This dynamic perspective of the Fire operating system introduces you to the following features:


  • Enhanced Carousel: The carousel on the homepage consists of a row of over-sized icons that is created via the Fire OS based upon the things you do most. This puts the things you do most, like checking your email, right under your fingertips. It has also been exploited, for your benefit, by app developers. A great example would be an estate agents app in the carousel. This could automatically show property details within the icon based upon you location.
  • Single-handed gestures: Easier navigation is also on offer with the Fire OS allowing auto-scroll, tilt, peek and swivel, all of which will help immerse you within the media and entertainment experiences. For example when you are listening to Amazon Music you can tilt the Fire Phone to drop in the lyrics.
  • Immersive apps and games: The dynamic perspective enables a new class of games and apps that are again more immersive than anything you have experienced before. In games you can take on a character’s viewpoint and move you own head to look around corners and obstacles.


Amazon exclusive services


The Fire 3.5.0 OS also offers a range of Amazon Exclusive services:


  • ASAP: Standing for Advanced Streaming and Prediction, ASAP predicts the TV episodes and movies that you will want to watch and preps them for instant playback, even before you hit the play button.
  • X-Ray: This feature gives you a new level of exploration when it comes to music, movies, TV shows and books. It allows you to explore the bones of a book including the background and character ideas or uses the power of iMDb to put movie and TV trivia in the palm of you hand.
  • Mayday: If you struggle to get grips with any feature of the Fire OS then hit the Mayday button, which uses Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, to put an expert via live video in front you. These experts can draw on your screen and take you through any process and the service is free with so far an average response time of under 10 seconds.
  • Second Screen: This feature connects with Miracast-enabled devices such as a Fire TV or PlayStation to allow you to use those devices as the primary screen for media. This frees up the Fire Phone to give you playback controls and access to X-Ray.


Opinion of the Amazon Fire OS


With 3D in maps and apps and a main goal of putting the things you do most under your fingertips we can see that the Fire OS is all about the user experience and I think this will make the Amazon Fire Phone and the Fire OS a success.


Fire with Amazon Maps


Interested? Well you only have to wait until July 25th for the Amazon Fire Phone release.


Written by: Michael Brown

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