All New HTC One – Release Date and Rumours


The HTC One set new and amazing standards for the very best smartphones and the follow up to this phone will have to deliver some pretty special stuff to keep that momentum for HTC.


Many rumours and leaks are circulating about the next HTC One, codenamed the M8 in development) and here we take a loot at what HTC might deliver with their next flagship model


The All New HTC One Specifications


This image leaked on @evleaks shows the all New HTC One

This image leaked on @evleaks shows the all New HTC One


As smartphones are getting bigger and bigger it stands to reason the all New HTC One will be packing a bigger screen that it’s predecessor with a screen size of 5-inches being touted as the favourite among rumour-mongers.


The processor has been a topic of much debate too and as the original HTC One was packing a 1.7GHz chip it is expected that this will be beefed up to a 2.3GHz quad-core processor. There has been a few speculations that HTC might go the whole hog with an octa-core chip but we will only know for sure when HTC lifts the lid.


Android 4.4 is tipped as the OS expected to be featured on the New HTC One and as this is the OS on the very latest phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2 it is a pretty safe bet the New HTC One will ship with Android KitKat.


The HTC One delivered one of the best mobile sound experiences with dual front facing speakers and BoomSound and the latest New HTC One teaser promises an even better sound on the latest handset.


Other rumours include a possible fingerprint scanner for added security and as this has proven a popular addition to the iPhone this could be a reality on the New HTC One.


New HTC One Camera


htc one camera

The camera on the first HTC One had everyone scratching their heads as HTC turned our mobile camera world upside down with the new Ultrapixel camera. Before this it was all about how many megapixels your snapper had but with the Ultrapixel camera the megapixel count was low but produced images of a much higher spec camera due to capturing more light.


It is likely that the Ultrapixel camera will be included on the New HTC One, but what the numbers will be will be a matter for HTC to reveal at the launch event.


New HTC One Release date


There has been much speculation about the release date for the all New HTC One with many hoping it would make its debut at the MWC 2014, however the star of that show was the Samsung Galaxy S5 so it was probably a wise decision for HTC to hold a separate launch event.


Invites have now been sent out for an event to be held in London and New York on the 25th March, so we have less than a week before we get to see the official stats of the all New HTC One.


What would you like to see improved or added to the all New HTC One? Do you think the all New HTC One can outshine the Sony Xperia Z2 or Samsung Galaxy S5? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or joining the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown


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