Alcatel OneTouch Watch arriving in mid June

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is set to arrive in the UK in mid June and this device has been designed to offer a smartwatch at a more accessible price.


At a fraction of the cost, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch will retail at £99, which is extremely favourable when compared to the Motorola Moto 360 retailing at around £199 and the LG G Watch retailing at around £149.


Smartwatch design


Recently awarded with the iF Design Award by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, the Alcatel OneTouch Watch will be supplied in a choice of four colours and style options. Each has customisable watch faces and a choice of brushed chrome, micro-textured resin or stainless steel bands.


Smartwatch design


At 10.5mm thick, this smartwatch doesn’t look chunky yet it boasts a 41.8mm face diameter and it is pretty light at 60 grams. The smartwatch is practical too with IP67 certification against dust and water to a depth of one metre.


One of the cleverest design elements is the USB connector that has been integrated into the watch strap, so no cables are required. An oleophobic coating has been applied to the 1.22” IPS screen (240 x 204 pixels) so that it resists smudges from fingerprints.


Smartwatch functionality


A variety of sensors provide the information for health and fitness based features and these include a heart rate sensor, altimeter, gyroscope, e-compass and accelerometer. The data from these can be used to calculate distance covered, steps taken and calories burned.


Health and fitness


In addition to this, the wearer can track their sleep cycles, monitor the overall fitness goals and compete against friends with fitness data stored securely on the website.


Of course, this isn’t just a fitness band, it is a smartwatch too! Once paired with a smartphone that is running on Android v4.3 Jelly Bean or iOS 7 or above, the wearer can receive email previews, messages, call notifications and social media updates.




This smartwatch can be used as a multimedia remote control with skip, play and pause functions. But, it is the option to activate a smartphones camera shutter from a distance that I think will have the largest appeal. This will enable the wearer to get into group selfies while using the main camera, which is often of a much higher resolution than than the secondary selfie camera.


Proximity can be a problem for some so the Alcatel OneTouch Watch vibrates if the wearer moves to far away from the paired smartphone. Misplaced smartphones can also be located with the watch instructing the phone’s ringer to sound to reveal its location.


The 210mAh battery may sound small when compared to a smartphone’s battery but of course the display is much smaller too. The battery gives a very good 2-5 days of use and best of all it can be recharged in about one hour.


Is this the best smartwatch? Well, it certainly has the appeal and features of many other smartwatches that retail at a higher price. If you can justify the cost then there is no reason to not purchase a more expensive smartwatch but if you want to get in on the action on a budget then go for the Alcatel OneTouch Watch instead.


Written by: Michael Brown

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