Alcatel A3 Review

We take a look at the new offering from Alcatel that adds a little extra to the budget end of the smartphone market. In this Alcatel A3 review we look at everything this affordable phone has to offer, and look at what kind of user would love this device.


Alcatel A3 Design


a3 design


The phone has a 5-inch display and a couple of design elements make the phone feel more premium than the price tag suggests. The metallic frame and textured back cover make the phone feel better quality than other devices at a similar price.


a3 display


Alcatel A3 Features


The phone has a 1.25GHz processor and 1.5GB RAM, so you don’t get flagship performance, but you wouldn’t expect it on such an affordable smartphone. The performance is good enough for usual everyday use, there is some slow-down if a few apps are open or demanding apps are running.


a3 white


The phone has a fingerprint sensor, which is a bit of a surprise at this price point, and it’s positioned where your finger fits naturally on the back when holding the phone, so unlocking the device is simple.


The sensor can also be used for applying locks to certain apps or photos, and five different fingerprints can be assigned to different apps.


Smart Lock is a feature that allows you to set up trusted locations, faces and devices, when these are detected the device remains unlocked so you don’t have to keep unlocking it.


A nifty Turbo download feature is on board, this will kick in when downloading large files over 20MB and uses both 4G and Wi-Fi to bring the data down faster.


The phone has Android 6.0 on board, so there are lots of apps such as Google Chrome,YouTube and Gmail right out of the box.The battery is a 2,460mAh unit and this provides a good enough usage between charges, this isn’t the best performing battery I have tested but it is more than adequate for a device of this level.


Alcatel A3 Camera


alcatel a3 camera


The camera package is decent for an affordable phone, with a 13-megapixel camera on the back and a 5-megapixel selfie lens. The rear camera has plenty of shooting options and the image results were good in all conditions, the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) when capturing video was particularly good at keeping the footage judder-free.


a3 photo effects


Shooting options include the usual Panorama, HDR and Burst Shot and there is a Time Lapse option as well as lots of post editing features to tweak the photos before sharing.


Alcatel has focused on the selfie camera, to help you get all the selfie shots you love with Face Mask Live filters for adding interesting masks as you shoot, or Face Beauty to remove imperfections as you take the shot. The fingerprint sensor can be used to take the selfie shot, this seems a lot easier than using the front button and made for much better-placed shots.


selfie filters



While the Alcatel A3 may be a budget device, the manufacturer has made sure you still get plenty of great features even if you don’t want to spend a lot. The fingerprint sensor with multiple uses and advanced camera features make this phone worth considering for your next device. It’s a perfect phone as a first smartphone, or if you want a phone that doesn’t cost much it’s perfect.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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