Welcome to the Mobilesplease blog. Here you will find the latest mobile phone news written by our in house experts. They will help guide you through the technical jargon so either you can find the best phone for you or alternatively you can get the most from the phone you already have.

About the Authors:-

Bobbie Bhogal:- Bobbie grew his own mobile phone business to 240 people and sold it to a well known high street mobile phone retailer. What he doesn’t know about mobiles isn’t worth knowing!

Carmel Brown:- Carmel has huge knowledge of the technology industry and a particular interest in gadgetry. She follows the latest news, attends industry events and presents her views in an easily understood, technologically-friendly manner.

Michael Brown:- Michael has over two decades of experience within the mobile industry and loves to write about technology. He is a big fan of Google+ where you can discuss many mobile phone and technology topics and connect with him to share your opinions.