A Trio of Delights

Just now hitting the shelves are 3 new handsets that all have great features but couldn’t be further apart when it comes to style. Available SIM only, they will make a great second phone, phone replacement or a cracking gift!

The Motorola Backflip has a unique reverse hinge that brings a QWERTY keyboard into play for messaging, It also boasts touchscreen operation, 3G Web browsing and the Android OS that will allow new apps to be downloaded from the Android Market to forever expand its portfolio of features.

The LG GD910 is the ultimate fashion accessory with phone technology compressed into a watch design, Speech-to-text services enable messaging and there is even a browser, MP3 player, video calling and life friendly water jet resistance.

Lastly, the Beafon S20 is as basic as they come and is ideal for those who struggle with technology. A super-loud (95db) ring volume is on offer along with a hearing aid friendly design, a set of large keys and a birthday reminder alarm for the absent minded.

Check out any of these great phones now by clicking on the name of the phone;

Motorola Backflip LG GD910 Beafon S20

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