A Royal Affair!

With true patriotism having taken a severe beating over the last decade, there could be no better way to get people on streets, down the pub or enjoying a house party than the Royal Wedding on April 29th.

Now you may well ask what on earth does that have to do with mobile phones, well Alcatel has decided this is a great way to show off our love for this country by producing the Alcatel (One Touch) Royal Wedding Edition handset. Pricing is expected to be below £15 making this the sort of purchase that can be used as a second phone on special occasions like the wedding.

The front of the phone is covered with a Union Jack that makes this handset really stand out. The Royal’s initials are printed on the back casing and a choice of wedding musical ringtones and wallpapers are also pre-installed. After the event there’s no need to throw the phone in the bin or under the bed. The Union Jack design will not look out of place at a football match or other sporting event with the added bonus that at such a low price you won’t be destroyed, well if it is!

This is most definitely a phone that is going to fly off the shelves and is a great buy for Royal supporters or even the savvy collector who will keep the handset boxed for a future profit!

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