A Foxy ad from Motorola hits the Super Bowl

Super Bowl viewers got a glimpse of the Motorola Devour on Sunday night in the hands of one of the most frequently Googled hollywood stars – Megan Fox. The advert cost an estimated $2 to $3 Million Dollars but went out to around 100 million viewers and was pretty entertaining!

The Motorola Devour will be available in the next few months and with the MotoBlur OS on top of a number of high spec features it is set to be a phone a popular device. The Devour features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard under the 3.1 inch touchscreen.

The highly user friendly Motoblur changes the very look and feel of the device compared with other Motorola devices, adding live streams of information onto the home screen through a series of custom widgets. Social network status updates, e-mail, and other messaging tools are all integrated into the desktop with a unique graphical look not seen in the standard Android OS. This feature is featured in the ad (below) with Fox to entertain all those Super Bowl fans.

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