A Flash of genius comes to smartphones.











The well known technology that enables computer users to watch videos will soon be available on most smartphones. Flash software delivers around 75% of online video and is the ‘key technology that underpins websites such as YouTube and Google Video’.  Due to the limited processing power of the devices, only a ‘light’ version has been used. The makers of Flash, Adobe have said it should be available by 2010 on most high end phones…unfortunately not including Apple’s iPhone.

With the growth of smartphones and web browsing ‘booming’, Flash 10.1, as the new software is known has been developed to supply the demand of mobile users that want their mobile to act like a computer. Flash is found on 98% on computers and is the most commonly used piece of software installed on computers. The software is expected to be available on Windows Mobile, Palm and Google Android phones early next year. This is great news for mobile users as they will now be able to stream videos on their phones much easier.

Apple does not yet have any plans to support the new Flash software. According to Anup Muraka of Adobe, “Safari (Apple’s web browser) doesn’t support any kind of plug-in [on the iPhone].” He is hoping however, that Apple will eventually join with Flash to make some very happy iPhone customers.

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