A Closer Look at Chrome for the iPhone and iPad

Chrome AppEver since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, Safari has been installed as its default web browser. While the app store has been offering other browsers to download for some time, there hasn’t been strong enough reasons to warrant mass migration away from Safari.┬áLaunched in late June, Google’s free Chrome app for iOS devices has already become a hit among users, being downloaded thousands of times and scoring rave reviews among users. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the app and whether it’s worth you moving away from Safari.


One feature that immediately provides a reason to use Chrome is to sign in and port bookmarks and preferences as well as your saved tabs from your search history across other devices. This gives you a personalised search experience, should you want it, and a feature not available with Safari.


When firing up the app for the first time, you’re given the option for a tour to understand how to get the most from your browsing experience. Fortunately, if you’ve used Google as a browser before, and let’s be honest, who hasn’t, you’re in familiar territory. The search bar at the top enables you to enter a direct URL to visit a website or enter a query to return Google’s search results.


Take a tour of Chrome for Apple devices


A common feature for web browsing now is to open up new tabs for different websites within the same browser window and Chrome does this extremely well. Clicking the number in the top right hand corner opens up your different tabs and places them in a vertical sliding format, again withing the same browser window. This is a really easy way to switch between tabs and crucially, it’s much quicker than Safari.


Switch between tabs


The search experience replicates a desktop browser, with the various tabs across the top for image searches, places, news and others. Search results are exactly the same as well, with the familiar vertical results and Google Ads appearing at the top, should they be available for that search term.


Search for mobilesplease on Chrome app



A preferences tab next to the URL bar allows you to bookmark a page, open up a new or incognito tab, search within the page, email the page, request help, bring up your settings or switch to the desktop version. An incognito tab means that pages you view within it won’t appear in your browser or search history and neither will they leave cookies. This means that should you be searching for a loved one’s birthday present, they will never know what you’ve been looking at.


Overall, the Chrome app has a very Google feel to it – it’s simple to use, clean and offers enough understated innovation and features to warrant it becoming your first choice for a combined search and web browser. With over 1,500 ratings in the app store a little over three days after launch, it seems most users are in agreement.


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