A Basic Pay As You Go Phone That is All White By Us!

With Christmas just a week away we see LG making a last ditch effort to sell a few more Pay as you Go phones with the LG GS101 getting a new white paint job. The crazy pricing for this little gem of the basic phone end of the market is only £19.99 on Pay as you Go.

The layout conforms to the traditional display sitting above an alphanumeric keypad, which is nicely sized for those who create the occasional text message. The more adventurous user can switch on the predictive text system to increase typing speeds whilst those who hate the complications of today’s new technologies can still create messages in the traditional method.

The battery is very impressive with standby times of up to 800 hours being achieved and this makes the GS101 a great choice for an emergency phone. The GS101 also offers a little entertainment with a selection of games to test your reactions and a FM radio for access to news, music and sports results.

At only 65g you can slide the phone into a pocket almost unnoticed and it won’t take up much room in a bag either. In the centre of the phone sits a metallic navigation key and this offers a firm and responsive reaction when flicking through the phones menu. You can also take the GS101 on holiday and pick up a signal across Europe for making calls home.

LG have kept it simple and this will appeal to any techno-phobes and if you just want to through it in the glove box of the car then this will make a great choice.

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