Iphone Shuffle Announced

Speculation has been rife over what the next iPhone will be like, but the uncharacteristically low key announcement from Apple yesterday has blown many analysts predictions out of the water.
The iPhone Shuffle is set to launch on 1st April 2012

In keeping with the product development cycle that made the iPod so ubiquitous, Apple has announced the iPhone Shuffle as a smaller, cheaper, less feature rich device than the iPhone 4. The iPhone Shuffle follows the same minimalist approach as the iPod Shuffle. There is no screen or number pad both of which have been replaced with a single button marked with an Apple logo.

Pressing the button calls a random number from your address book, and hangs up after a random length of time. When you receive a call, pressing the single button answers the call most of the time but sometimes rejects it. Text messages are sent by pressing and holding the button, the iPhone Shuffle will then send a random string of characters to someone.<

An excited Apple fan told us “I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!” Over a year ahead of its launch queues are already forming around Apple stores across the country.

At the press conference, an apple spokesperson demonstrated the randomisation  technology behind the iPhone Shuffle by reading the following randomly generated string of superlatives to describe the device “The iPhone Shuffle represents a  enchanting, entrancing, extraordinary fascinating, marvelous, miraculous, mysterious, mystic, mythical, spellbinding, revolutionary leap forward.”

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