UK Falls Out With iPhone

Although it was presented as shock news, the fact that the iphone has dropped out of the top 5 smartphones in the UK market (number 6 if you haven’t heard)  hasn’t really surprised anyone in the mobile phone industry.

It seems that the general public has realised what those in the industry have known for a while – you can get more bang for your buck with Android handsets.

Don’t misunderstand me;  the iphone in all it’s iterations is a phenomenal device, but it comes at a premium price point and it seems people are starting to question what that premium actually buys them.

A couple of years ago, the differentiation between the iphone and it’s closest competitors in terms of features, apps and performance was, for many, more than enough to justify the extra cost.

But now there are phones like the HTC Desire that so closely match the user experience of the iphone that consumers who are looking for a top end smartphone are finding it harder to justify the extra cost of an iphone.

On top of a being a top notch device, the iphone was also a status symbol, and to a degree it still is, but antenna gate and ill feeling surrounding Apple’s closed eco system have sullied the image of what some once referred to as the “Jesus Phone”.

Android and it’s hardware partners have been doing some marketing of their own, presenting a low key “geek chic” image that has snuck in to the public conciousness under the radar. Android is still not as cool as the iphone, and it probably never will be but offering consumers a significant saving and near enough identical functionality has got them a big chunk of the market.

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