2014 Best Mobile Phone Awards

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To help you along we have taken a look at the 2014 Best Mobile Phones and ranked them for each element in everything from the lightest mobile phone to the best camera phone. But, the overall 2014 Best Mobile Phone Award is in your hands as statistics only tell half the story!

Best mobile phone screen of 2014


In 2014 we have seen a much more even playing field when it comes to the resolution of mobile phone screens. Screen size however varied slightly but it is important to note that once you exceed 400ppi the eye can no longer distinguish individual pixels which means that lifelike means lifelike!


1. LG G3 – 5.5-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 resolution at 534ppi

2. Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 5.5 inch screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution at 401ppi

3. Sony Xperia Z3 – 5.2-inch screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution at 424ppi

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 5.1-inch screen at 1080 x 1920 resolution at 432ppi

5. HTC One M8 – 5-inch screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution at 441ppi

6. Huawei Ascend P7 – 5-inch screen with 1080 x 1920 resolution at 441ppi

Best mobile phone camera of 2014


It is fair to say that megapixels aren’t everything with many mobile phone manufacturers focusing on better light sensors but for now here is who had the most.


1. Sony Xperia Z3 – 20.7MP

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 16MP

3. Huawei Ascend P7 – 13MP

4. LG G3 – 13MP

5. Apple iPhone 6 – 8MP

6. HTC One M8 – 4MP

Best selfie camera of 2014


The mobile phone selfie was still one of the hottest fads of 2014 and this has seen manufacturers scrambling to add more megapixels to their phones secondary camera. We have also seen the latest phones including a wider angled lens to cater for group selfies.


1. Huawei Ascend P7 – 8MP

2. HTC One M8 – 5MP

3. Sony Xperia Z3 – 2.2MP

4. LG G3 – 2.1MP

5. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 2MP

6. Apple iPhone 6 – 1.2MP

Lightest smartphone of 2014


Whilst the overall size of smartphones has increased to cater for larger screens that give a better multimedia experience, weight for some is still a key factor when choosing a mobile phone. So who made the lightest smartphone of 2014?


1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – 120g

2. Huawei Ascend P7 – 124g

3. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – 129g

4. Apple iPhone 6 – 129g

5. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 145g

6. LG G3 – 149g

7. Sony Xperia Z3 – 152g

8. HTC One M8 – 160g

Thinnest mobile phone of 2014


Technology has moved a long way in 2014 as many mobile phone components become miniaturised so here is who made the thinnest phones of 2014.


1. Huawei Ascend P7 – 6.5mm

2. Apple iPhone 6 – 6.9mm

3. Sony Xperia Z3 – 7.3mm

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 8.1mm

5. LG G3 – 8.9mm

6. HTC One M8 – 9.4mm


Best battery of 2014


The biggest battery doesn’t always rule the day so we decided to rank the best mobile phone battery in terms of talk time.


1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus – 2915mAh providing up to 24 hours talk time

2. Huawei Ascend P7 – 2500mAh providing up to 22 hours talk time

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 – 2800mAh providing up to 21 hours talk time

4. LG G3 – 3000mAh providing up to 21 hours talk time

5. HTC One M8 – 2600mAh providing up to 20 hours talk time

6. Sony Xperia Z3 – 3100mAh providing up to 16 hours talk time

Best waterproof mobile phone of 2014


Underwater photography and liquid damage remained a key focus for at least two mobile phone manufacturers in 2014.


1. Sony Xperia Z3 – IP68 certified for submersion in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes

2. Samsung Galaxy S5 – IP67 certified for submersion in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes


Now it’s up to you to decide the Best Mobile Phone of 2014.


Written by: Michael Brown

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