2011 – Our Predictions

With 2010 being the year that smartphones like the HTC Desire HD became a mainstream phenomenon and not just the preserve of nerds, 2011 looks set to see more massive leaps forward in mobile technology.

Google’s Android operating system will continue to grow, with a slew of 2.3 “Gingerbread” phones set to land early in the new year and devices running 3.0 “Honeycomb” set to follow we think Android’s pace of development will keep it well and truly in the game.

The population of the Iphone will mean that it too continues to prosper, whether or not the iPhone 5 lands in 2011 remains to be seen, but we’re sure to see iOS updates adding new functions.

Nokia’s Symbian OS is a wildcard right now, it’s on the ropes for sure, but the N8 is proving surprisingly popular and may give Symbian the boost it needs to retain interest from developers and users alike.

Blackberry keep releasing great handsets that are instantly recognisable, but the trademark form factor – tiny qwerty keyboard, fat bar shape and relatively small screen – is starting to look a little dated and it will be interesting to see whether they try and innovate within this form factor or break the mold. Either way they have a loyal following amongst the business community and are likely to keep it for the foreseeable future.

WIndows Phone 7 has got off to a rough start, Microsoft’s refusal to release sales figures has prompted speculation that it’s not selling, but MS are too big and too tough to give up without a hell of a fight, so watch out for big updates and extremely competitive pricing.

HTC emerged from virtual obscurity at the beginning of 2010 to be a household name at the end, so expect to see more from them.

2011 will tell how Google’s Nexus S is received too, with lessons learned from the Nexus One it could be a winner.

The Sony Playstation Phone is a real curveball, it’s the first proper gaming phone since the Nokia N-gage and may well open up a new market sector for Sony Ericsson.

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