20 Things Your Mobile Phone Has Replaced


The mobile phone has come a long way from its humble beginnings when it was revolutionary to be able to talk on the move and as our smartphones become, well, smarter they have taken on the roles of many other devices giving us lots of function within one package.


Here we take a look at 20 items your smartphone has replaced and as you can see from the list you carry around a rooms worth of stuff all now bundled up into one compact phone in your bag or pocket.


The Record




You may not use vinyl anymore (or even remember when it was used) but the mobile phone has become your music on the move. No more record collections collecting dust, just digital music stored on your smart little phone.






Whether you love orienteering or you are just trying to find your way when you are out and about that trusty old compass is no longer needed as your phone will point you in the right direction.






GPS navigation has become a standard even on basic smartphones so gone are the days of those crumpled up old A-Z’s and maps crammed in your glove box.






Even if you are great at mental arithmetic a calculator certainly comes in handy at times and your mobile phone will handle all those sums for you so you no longer need to carry that clunky calculator should a mathematical emergency arise.






You no longer need to buy a new calendar each year and painstakingly go through it adding your family and friends birthdays or other important dates, your smartphone calendar will keep all that info for you.






The popularity of wearing a watch took a hit with the invention of the mobile phone as many people now simply check their phone instead of their wrist when wanting to know the time.


Alarm Clock


alarm clock


You no longer need a screeching and annoying alarm clock to wake you from your slumber as your mobile phone will do it for you instead.


Yellow Pages


yellow pages


In the past when you needed to find a plumber or tradesman you would turn to the trusty Yellow Pages and flick through the adverts to find what you needed, now you have the Internet in your pocket your smartphone makes the task quicker and easier.


Home Phone


home telephone


The popularity of mobile phones and the increasing value of bundled tariffs has seen a rise in homes no longer opting for a home land line and sticking to mobile calls instead.






The advancement of mobile phone cameras with increased resolution and editing features has meant many users now leave their digital camera at home and choose to snap away with their smartphone to capture those special moments.






As the camera function on mobile phones has improved the video capture quality has followed suit leaving that camcorder gathering dust on the shelf at home.






Fitness goals are important to many people which prompted a slew of fitness gadgets and the smartphone was quick to jump on the trend too with added fitness features such as heart rate monitors and pedometer functions.


Personal Trainer


perosnal trainer


Going to the gym and getting pushed along by a personal trainer is a thing of the past as your smartphone can be your trainer in your pocket with built-in fitness functions and a huge choice of apps to download.






You may still use a computer but that powerful little device in your pocket does pretty much everything your PC can do so there are many occasions when users now reach for their smartphone instead of their laptop.


Pen and Paper


pen and paper


The smartphone has become the go-to device if you need to make a note of something, be it a number, important date or shopping list so you no longer need to hunt around for a scrap of paper and a pen.


Games Console


games console


Your smartphone may not have completely replaced your games console or portable player but the majority of users drop their console usage in favour of playing on their mobile phones.


The Postman




The art of letter writing seems to be a thing of the past with the rise in text messaging and emailing, as well as social media, being the preferred medium for sharing news. This means the Postman is a less frequent visitor, although those bills still keep coming.


Photo Projector




Younger readers may not remember the days of the family setting up the projector to flick through the hundreds of holiday slides, but for the more seasoned mobile user the ability to share your snaps from your mobile on your TV will be a welcome advancement from the fiddly photo projector.


The weatherman




We Brits love to talk about the weather and see what the forecast will have in store for us and now the mobile phone has removed the need to wait for the weatherman to appear on TV after the news, we can simply check our weather apps any time.






The mobile phone was heralded to be a fantastic leap forward in communication as we could call anyone wherever they may be, but the smartphone seems to be taking us away from talking with the average user preferring to text, IM or email instead of chat face to face.
The mobile phone of today certainly reduces the amount of stuff I have in my handbag and with so many uses I am lost without it, but has all of this technology isolated us from each other rather than bringing us closer together as it intended?


Are there any items missing off the list that you think the smartphone has replaced? Do you talk less and text and IM more? How has the smartphone changed your life and ways and communication?
Written by: Carmel Brown

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